Moving Spaces

Art. SE04 Piper - Folding chair, 46 x 46 x h 79 cm

We live in an immersive reality. We are constantly divided between different tasks and activities. Days are more and more busy, unpredictable, with constantly accelerating rhythms.
Around us, everything happens quickly and simultaneously.

Art. 0/411 Marvel - Console table, 285 x 90 x h 75 cm (open) 45 x 90 x h 75 cm (closed)

In this context, the way we live the house has changed. Today, at home, we bring every aspect of our life: we work, play, relax, and stay together.
A room is no longer dictating what happens in it, we adjust the space according to the necessity.

We need modular, dynamic, intuitive spaces. Spaces that adapt and simplify the ever-changing challenges of everyday life.

Art. 0/21 Vogue - Multipurpose table, 40 x 50 x h 60 cm

When we design we think about this: furniture to maximize the space we live in. Our products fold, move, and transform.
They adapt to our needs, liberating the environment in which they are placed.

We aim to make the spaces in which we live more natural, more fluid, more human. Spaces that move along with our vision of the world, moving spaces.

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