Black is

Pezzani museum - concept

Black is the sheerest shade of nature. Anything that isn’t essential, with black, disappears and returns to its original shape.

Art. 0/71.COMP-22 Musa - Modular boockcase, 141 x 47 x h 200 cm / Art. 0/304 Stilo - Coat stand, Ø50 x h 170 cm / Art. 0/20 Slim - Sofa side element, 80 x 28 x h 45 cm / Art. 0/21 Vogue - Multipurpose table, 40 x 50 x h 60 cm / Art. 0/232 Shape - Coffee Table, 50 x 50 x h 53 cm

In China it is associated with water. In Japan, with the invisible. In Malevich’s Black Square, with the abstract. In its immensity of significances, the color black has always been stronger than the context, being able to remain essen- tial, free from the unnecessary.

Art. 0/413 Marvel - Consolle table, 285 x 120 x h 75 cm / Art. SE04 Piper - Folding chair, 46 x 46 x h 79 cm / Art. 0/230 Shape - Coffee table, Ø50 x h 53 cm / Art. 0/234 Shape - Coffee table, 120 x 70 xh 38 cm

Three new finishes have been created: sanded black metal, carbon black laminate and smoked glass make each piece of our collection more versatile, more elegant, more essential.
The strength and harmony of black blend in perfectly together with functionality modular features of the Pezzani range.

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