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Moving Spaces

We live in an immersive reality. We are constantly torn between different activities and tasks. The days are increasingly demanding, unpredictable, with constantly accelerating rhythms. Everything around us happens quickly and simultaneously. In this scenario, the way we live the house has changed. Today, we bring every aspect of our life into the house: we work, play, rest and spend time together.

The rooms no longer mark the activities we carry out, each space takes on different functions based on the needs of the moment.
We are looking for modular, dynamic, intuitive spaces. Spaces that adapt to everyday life, simplifying changes.
When we design we think of this: furnishings for a home where you have the maximum space to live. Our products open, move and transform; they adapt to our needs by freeing the environment in which they are inserted.

We want to make the space we live in more natural, more fluid, more human. A space that moves together with our vision of the world, a space in motion.

Black is:

There is no purer color. Everything that is not essential disappears and the form returns to its primordial state.

In the Middle Ages it represented power. In the Roman Empire, crafts. In ancient Egypt, the fertility of the earth. In China, water. In Japan, the invisible. In Malevich's Black square, the abstract. In German, blaken: burning.

In the infinity of meanings and forms it has assumed, the color black has always been stronger than the context: it has maintained its essence, without being weighed down with decorations and superstructures.

In designing the new finishes we wanted to make our products more essential, more silent. In the three new finishes, sablè aluminium, charcoal wood and smoked glass, the strength and harmony of the black color meet the functionality and modularity of Pezzani products.

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